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Thicknesses available – 2mm to 19mm.

Thickness available – 4mm and 6mm

We have a selection available ranging in 4mm and 6mm thicknesses.

A safety glass which has an inner layer preventing the glass from falling apart when breaking. If broken, the glass adheres to the interlayer depending on the severity of the impact. Is available in clear, tinted or obscure.

Clear Thicknesses available – 6.4mm, 8.8mm, 10.8mm. Tinted Thicknesses available – 6.4mm. Obscure Thicknesses available – 6.38mm

Thicknesses available – 3mm, 4mm and 6mm

Toughening is a process where the glass is cut to size and then sent to a “toughening plant”. The glass is heated to a certain temperature and then cooled at a certain rate resulting in the glass being ‘tempered’. Toughened glass can not be cut once this process has been done. When breaking, the glass will simply fall into crystal like pieces.
Glass of all types of thicknesses and textures can be toughened upon request.